Brad Pickett going “caveman” at UFC London and fighting for his family

Brad Pickett going “caveman” at UFC London and fighting for his family

Brad "One Punch" Pickett speaks to the media ahead of his UFC London bout with Francisco Rivera - talking about fighting for his job, his family, and his future.


Universally loved Londoner Brad Pickett has always been a fan favourite due to his┬áconstantly appealing fighting style and down to earth demeanour. The Team Titan and American Top Team man would be the name other fighters’ hated seeing on their card as it was almost certain he’d be taking home the Fight Night cheques.

However, it’s all well and good being liked, but you still have to perform to keep your job at the highest level. Pickett has been competing with the best in the bantamweight and flyweight divisions for years and holding his own, although never breaking through to the title. Now though, he finds himself on the wrong end of a three-fight losing streak and needing a victory in his hometown with his livelihood at stake.

Against hard-hitting Francisco Rivera we can almost guarantee a wild encounter, but Pickett would much rather guarantee the fate and keep his fate in his own hands, rather than the hands of the UFC brass.

With a new arrival in the Pickett household, he talks about goingg “caveman”, fighting for food to keep his family alive and prospering, and using this as fuel coming into an all or nothing bout on Saturday night in London.

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