Davey Grant planning on making up for last time at UFC 204

Davey Grant planning on making up for last time at UFC 204

Davey Grant reflects on his hiatus, getting back to action and looks to make a statement on Saturday night.

Davey Grant UFC Manchester
Davey Grant UFC Manchester

After a long, long layoff since his days on The Ultimate Fighter ending last February, Davey Grant (10-2) returns once again this Saturday at UFC 204.

Looking back at his fight in London earlier this year, Davey feels a tremendous amount of gratitude to not only return, but return to winning ways. By far his longest hiatus, Grant plans on making up for lost time.

“It was so relieving and felt so great to get that win. It was almost three years since I last fought and to go in there, collect some solid cage time and have a nice, gritty fight is exactly what I wanted. I loved every minute of it.

“To be honest I don’t think his activity levels will play into the fight much. Just because I’ve not been fighting, I’ve been in the gym constantly. Even when I had a cast on my leg I’d be sat at home squeezing grip testers just keep up some strength. I’ve been constantly putting in work to make sure my performances are better and better each time.

“I see myself as the much better fighter all-round. He’s certainly going to be more of a grappler on Saturday as I shine far more when I’m striking. Really, I’m not worried anywhere. As long as I go out there and do MMA I’ll beat him.”

Despite Davey’s absence, he’s been around the scene for some time and undoubtedly, the domestic circuit is something of a Hotel California scenario. The circuit has come along way in the past few years with more Brits than ever making a splash in the big leagues and Grant feels there are many more to come.

“I love the UK scene right now and it’s great to see it expanding,” the bantamweight began. “I was a fan of the scene before I even started fighting in it so it’s nice to see it finally getting the recognition it deserves. There are many top fighters coming through the ranks now and considering how small we are as a nation, we’re getting out there in a big way.

“I see Jack Marshman has just been signed and I think that’s great. He’s a top bloke and it’s truly deserved. He’s put his time in on the circuit and he’ll fit right in over here.”

Many of the Brits on this card have been resorting to midnight training sessions in order to adjust their body clock to the timings of Saturday night’s event and it’s something that many may dislike, but one Davey has welcomed.

“It’s actually been quite fun to make this adjustment,” Grant opined. “It’s unlike anything I’ve done before. I don’t just cut corners, I make them. I do the most I can to make sure I get the best possible performance on fight night and all those things are going to show on the weekend.”

Finding himself back on the mats has been a great restoration for Grant as his team at SBG Manchester has seen a surge in talent as of late. With an ever-growing roster of fighters at all levels, Davey feels his team are shining brighter than ever and that all he can do is reap the benefits of such a surging talent pool.

“It’s a fantastic time to be part of SBG in Manchester,” Davey beamed. “Everybody has the same growth on their minds. Everybody just wants to get better. We’re a really tight unit these days and from the rookie amateurs to the seasoned pros, we’re getting so strong and developing a mat full of killers. It’s showing come fight night as we’re getting the results.

As Saturday night quickly approaches, Davey feels new chords will be shown to his talent. After feeling relieved yet disappointed with his decision win in February, Grant looks to be wanting to make an emphatic statement in the Manchester Arena.

“I’m ready for anything,” Davey asserted. “I don’t want a similar showing as my last fight because I wasn’t too happy with my own performance. Sure I got cage time but I wasn’t shining through to my true potential like I know I can do. I’ll be far more relaxed on Saturday and show some additions to my game.”