Eden Newton responds to Brendan Loughnane: “Brendan is a Fool”‏

Eden Newton responds to Brendan Loughnane: “Brendan is a Fool”‏

Eden Newton responds to Brendan Loughnane ahead of their bout in Manchester in August.

Brendan Loughnane vs Eden Newton
Brendan Loughnane vs Eden Newton

Eden Newton (6-4) versus Brendan Loughnane (11-2) has quickly become a huge talking point in North West MMA, given how much they’re at each other’s throats.

Unforgettably, Eden has had a notable absence and recognises that things have changed since his hiatus. However, this is a matchup Newton has wanted for some time and now that he’s managed to lure in the lightweight battler, Eden intends to capitalise on Loughnane, who he feels is overlooking him.

“Despite what Brendan says, I’m not looking for a quick route to the top,” Newton retorted. “I’m not calling out Conor McGregor, am I? The only quick route I’m looking for is a way to stop him in the first round. The textbook chooses to forget, but before my absence I was the UCC British champion and a champion on Cage Carnage, knocking out Jordan Desborough to do so and that was a very difficult fight. I believe I belong at that level and the only way to prove it is to put Brendan away.

“Brendan states I can’t be arsed putting the work in, but I’ve had over fifteen professional fights including one in Thailand and one in K-1. Every win I’ve had has been a finish. I’ve been unfortunate with injuries and have worked hard to get back in the play pen, but I’m back to one-hundred percent now.”

With the constant back-and-forth between the two and the demands on both ends, this matchup has been a long time coming. Eden is convinced he has always been ready for the fight, believing the complications have all been caused on Brendan’s end in an effort to put the contest off further.

In an interview last Friday, Brendan stated he’s making time to fight Eden purely for the money. Undoubtedly, it is a massive fight for the former and with that, Eden sees the motivation of money as purely dangerous.

“He’s probably jealous that he didn’t have the minerals to compete with fighters who are above him,” Eden sternly stated. “Personally I think he’s stupid to fight me. I’ve always known that he’s fame and money hungry; he couldn’t turn this down. I think he should take time out after the fight, go on Love Island and shack up with his mirror personality that is Tom Powell.

“He claims I’m an unknown, yet I’ve given him his biggest payday and am bringing support that he could only wish for. He has a following but is a secret borrower. He’s got Kane Mousah to thank and all his amateurs. He needs this payday.”

No doubt the temperature will continue to rise and we edge closer to their meeting in Manchester on August 13th in Manchester.

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