Lewis Long takes home the gold at Pain Pit: Conquest

Lewis Long takes home the gold at Pain Pit: Conquest

David Owen was on the scene for Your MMA at Pain Pit Fight Night's 'Conquest' event in Ebbw Vale.

Image by Short and Round Photography
Image by Short and Round Photography

It was a night to remember on Saturday for Pontypridd fighter Lewis long, as he captured the Pain Pit European welterweight title in the main event of a fantastic card that contained no less than four title fights. In a packed out Ebbw Vale Sports Centre, it was Long who stole the show with a dominant victory over Lee Caers with a first round TKO stoppage.

Long’s entrance music hit and the MAT Academy fighter approached the cage with a steely look of determination in his eyes. Master of Ceremonies Ricky Wright gave him a rip roaring introduction and the Welsh crowed went crazy as the referee called both fighters to the centre of the cage for final instructions.

Round 1 started and Long was able to get the takedown early on, managing to take Caers’ back and attempting a rear naked choke. The Englishman was able to shake him off and get the fight back to its feet where he had a little success with some decent stand up, catching Long with a few nice jabs. It resulted in a bloody nose, but the Welshman continued to come forward and was more than comfortable to keep the fight standing.

As the first round was coming to an end Long threw a kick that caught Caers in the stomach, hurting him and sending him stumbling back onto the cage. Lew Long sensed the end was near as he charged his opponent, unleashing a vicious barrage of punches that sent Caers to the mat. He continued to pound on his downed opponent until the referee had seen enough and called a stop to the bout at 4:53 of the first round, crowning Lew Long the new Pain Pit European welterweight champion.

This was the first time I had seen Lew Long live and I was impressed. A fighter that delivers excitement, has a lot of character and looks to entertain the crowd; something he showed in his post-fight interview as he took down and had a little wrestle with MC Ricky Wright, much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Also on the main card Adam Boussif (7-2) challenged Owain Parry (5-1) for his Pain Pit European lightweight belt.

Round 1 started and both fighters took their time to feel each other out, with Boussif probably getting the better of the exchanges. It was Parry who got the first meaningful takedown of the fight as the round neared the end, but Boussif was able to turn Parry and finish the round on top, delivering some nice elbows as the bell went.

Round 2 started with both fighters exchanging shots in the middle of the cage and Boussif catching Parry with a kick to the head. At this point, the impressive Bousif seemed to be growing in confidence and often smiled at Parry if he caught him as if to say ‘you can’t hurt me’. As the round got to the midway mark, Parry was able to pick his opponent up and slam him down onto his back but the crowd had barely stopped cheering the slam when Boussif’s impressive ground game was again on show. He turned Parry on the ground, quickly gained his back and – almost in one movement – sunk in the rear naked choke, forcing the tap from Parry at 3:05 of the round two.

It was a great performance from Boussif who looked very good against a strong fighter and was able to leave Ebbw Vale with the Pain Pit European lightweight belt.

Possible fFght of the Night honours in my opinion could of gone to the extremely entertaining K-1 Middleweight title fight between Roma Da Silva and Tillery Combat’s Jack Marshman who was making his K-1 debut.

Round 1 and Marshman started like a house on fire coming out throwing bombs. Da Silva was catching most on the gloves but Marshman found some success with hard body shots. Da Silva came to win and showed what a tough fighter he was, but it was Marshman who took the round with the more aggressive attacks.

Round 2 and Da Silva came out throwing. He must have had a good talking too in his corner because he attacked from the off, putting together some decent combinations but nothing to really trouble Marshman. Then came the slightly bizarre end to the fight. Jack Marshman was on the attack and threw a kick that Da Silva partially caught on the arm. He immediately fell back towards the cage, obviously in severe pain as his left shoulder seemed to dislocate. The referee did not jump in immediately and Marshman could see that his opponent was in no position to defend himself so was slightly hesitant to continue the attack.

The official then stepped in to see what the issue was with Da Silva, who bravely tried to conceal his injury in order to carry on, but the ref waved the fight off with Da Silva in no position to continue, crowning Jack Marshman the new Painpit K-1 middleweight champion. A slightly unfortunate end to what was a thoroughly entertaining fight.

There was also a big win for amateur fighter Jack Shore who successfully defended his lightweight title against Billy Wilsher with a guillotine choke 2:06 into the first round.

Special mention must go to bantamweight Tyler Thomas who, at 24hrs notice, took a fight with the vastly experienced and dangerous Martin ‘Mr Pink’ McDonough. McDonough’s scheduled opponent had failed to turn up to the weigh-ins on Friday night and it looked as though he may have to be pulled from the card but Thomas stepped up and it turned out to be a tough night’s work for the late opponent. McDonough took control from the start and attacked from the off, totally smothering his opponent with a flurry of punches and stopping him at 1:46 of the first round. Another win on the record for Mr Pink but credit to Tyler Thomas for stepping up to a very tough challenge at such short notice.

There were also wins for Shane Riley (MAT Academy) against Polish Patryk Rogoz via armbar at 1:38 of round 1.

Jason Jenkins (Tillery Combat) picked up a good win against Ashley Williams (Ground Zero), forcing the tap with a tight triangle at 2:04 of the first.

16 year old Marcus Stevens stepped in against Scott Pederson at 67.5kg catchweight and although the youngster looked impressive with some eye catching kicks it was Pederson, being cornered by two time world champion Brett Johns, who was able to take his back and force the tap out via RNC at 2:02 of the second round.

Kieron Bennett also won a unanimous decision against Ryan Legge in a welterweight contest.

An extremely entertaining night had by all at the Ebbw Vale Sports Centre. Painpit certainly delivered.

By David Owen