Rankings In Focus: Top UK MMA Teams – May 2013

Rankings In Focus: Top UK MMA Teams – May 2013

Take a look at some of the great teams in UK and Irish MMA, fielding multiple fighters in the Your MMA Rankings.

UK And Irish MMA Rankings
UK And Irish MMA Rankings

It’s a frequently debated subject and one that there is no definitive answer to but, with the UK’s most reliable and long-standing rankings in hand, Your MMA have had a deeper look into the current most successful fight teams in the UK and Ireland.

We last collated the scores in August, and you can check out how things stood at that point by clicking here.

We’re going off the latest monthly update from April 2013, and allocating points for each place held in the rankings of their respective divisions. To slightly alter it from last time to compensate for the more ‘stacked’ divisions, we are including every fighter in the rankings, and not just the top twenty.

We’re not going to claims any foolproof scientific method – the numbers were crunched as follows:

  • If your division, for example, has twenty fighters ranked (those that don’t have as many active fighters) then the #1 will gain 20 points for his team, and #20 will gain 1 point.
  • If your divison has thirty fighters ranked (the busier divisions) then the top fighter will gain 30 points, and #30 1 point.
  • All points were added up make a team total.

For circumstances where fighters may train out of multiple gyms, points were scored for both teams (although the smaller clubs didn’t tend to make it high enough up the scoreboard to register).

For those also training at teams in the USA but are still residents in the UK (for example Brad Pickett), their scores were registered for their ‘home’ team.

To the best of our knowledge, we have affiliated everybody to the correct teams.

If you have any updates or points to bring to our attention, feel free to let us know via www.twitter.com/YourMMA or www.facebook.com/YourMMA.

Top 20 UK MMA Teams By Points Scored (May 2013)

1. DNFT – 192
2. Kaobon – 150
3. SBGi – 137
4. London Shoot – 113
5. Team Titan – 92
6. NEVT – 88
7. Gym 01 – 84
7. AVT – 84
9. Tsunami – 72
10. Tillery Combat – 63
11. Atherton Submission Wrestling – 59
12. Rough House – 55
13. Trojan – 53
14. Spartan Fighting Arts – 52
15. MMA Academy – 42
16. Next Gen – 40
17. MMA Clinic – 39
18. TSG – 35
19. Immortal – 34
20. Ryano – 33

Changes and notes since the last update:

  • One big change is that Scotland’s Dinky Ninja Fight Team has overtaken Liverpool’s Team Kaobon as the most heavily represented gym in the rankings. They had fourteen fighters from flyweight through to middleweight, but scored heavily particularly in the lighter weight classes.
  • Kaobon score very highly as, despite having nine fighters in the rankings compared to DNFT’s 14, they had many top ten fighters in the busiest divisions (particularly lightweight).
  • Dublin’s SBG are the top Irish team represented by a long way, jumping from 5th to 2rd, with Conor McGregor’s great performances in CWFC and now the UFC putting him at #1, and the likes of Pendred, Fields, Holohan and Roddy all being top ten.
  • London Shootfighters maintain a firm grip in the heavier divisions, putting out some of the top middles, light-heavys and heavyweights.
  • Team Titan continue to put in a strong showing, with many of their ATT and Titan crossover fighters figuring well, such as Brad Pickett, Ashleigh Grimshaw and Jason Young.
  • By far the biggest of the new entries is North East Vale Tudo, which features the likes of De Fries, Warburton, Grant, Fisher, Mulheron and more.
  • Young teams at Gym 01 and AVT are neck and neck, with Portsmouth’s Gym 01 having their share of the best flyweights and bantamweights such as Harris, Pooley, Brum and Pennington, and a big rise for AVT with the likes of Saville, Furness, Ball and Mitchell scoring points for the Yorkshire team.
  • Tsunami‘s team rank highly for a small selection of top ranked guys, including Maguire, Barnatt and Mason.
  • Tillery Combat show themselves to be the top ranked teams in Wales, with ranked fighters ranging from flyweight to middleweight.
  • As you can see, we’ve gone from top ten to top twenty to show just how many teams there are achieving great things. There are many more recently formed teams coming up and consistently putting out well versed fighters.
  •  Other teams that had multiple fighters in the rankings include UTC, Next Gen NI, SBG Manchester, Ludus Magnus and Predators.

From the depth and quality of the rankings coming through, it’s safe to say this update shows positive moves for teams in the UK. Stay tuned for the next update, which will likely have more big changes and new faces coming into the ranks.

 As always, we welcome your discussion and thoughts at www.facebook.com/YourMMA.