Tony Morgan Confident In Improvements; Relishes Challenge at BAMMA 25

Tony Morgan Confident In Improvements; Relishes Challenge at BAMMA 25

Harry Williams speaks to Manchester Predators man Tony Morgan ahead of his BAMMA 25 bout with Jai Herbert.

Tony Morgan - BAMMA 25
Tony Morgan - BAMMA 25

Arguably the hottest card UK MMA has seen this year goes down on May 14th as BAMMA hold their twenty-fifth event in Birmingham. With multiple highly touted bouts from top to bottom, some contests could be overlooked in shuffle.

One that certainly should not be overlooked is Manchester Predators’ Tony Morgan (3-0) versus Jai Herbert (3-0). At just under two weeks out and the former, Morgan, is relishing fight night.

“I’m two weeks away and everything is going great,” Morgan boasted. “I was fighting fit three weeks ago so I’m feeling sublime right now. My skill set is better than ever, especially my boxing and wrestling.”

On this current trail, both Morgan and Herbert are looking to be bright talents, which makes this bout that much more fascinating. In a way, they’re a mirror of each other as they’re both also undefeated and have multiple finishes to their names.

Despite this, Morgan’s preparation for combat remains mostly the same as he believes it contains the winning formulae.

“I take every fight seriously,” Tony stated. “I stick to the same regime because I know what works. I’ve won all ten of my fights; 7-0 amateur and 3-0 professionally. The only approach that has seen changes is my strength and conditioning. My coach Gavin Boardman provides me with my regime which consists of plyometric training, strength training and sprint training. Evidently, I’m seeing big improvements all-round.

“Jai is a dangerous fighter and a tough match up for anyone at lightweight, but I think his aggressive pressure style will suit me just fine. It will allow me to showcase how difficult of a target I am to hit and how hard I can hit when I find my range.

“I’ve got the best jab in MMA and when I start landing it on Jai, he will have to readjust. That’s when I’ll stop him.”

A trait of Tony’s personality is his outspoken manner both on and off social media. Lately, though, as he plans to return to battle, he has been in verbal spats with not just UK fighters, but fighters from across the pond too.

Tony believes the way he minces his words only bring pressure unto him, and that’s the way he likes it.

“I had a tiff with Brian Rogers the other day all because he can’t take criticism, the big girl,” Tony began. “With fighting I think there is always something to prove; if it isn’t to yourself, it’s to people who doubt you and I like the thought of that. It puts pressure on me and I like the pressure. I like to talk and feeling the pressure only helps me back it up.”

Tony admits his activity level isn’t where it should be and is focused on improving that. Having witnessed morale improvements in his Predators base, he believes his attitude towards the fight game is changing for the better and hopes for more consistent performances here on out.

“I didn’t fight much last year, I was too busy eating and getting fat,” Tony revealed. “However, towards the end of last year, Sam Spencer and I have been turning into best buds and I see how hard he trains.

“I see him living clean all year round, so that has given me the kick up the arse I needed. I’m only now starting to take this fighting business seriously. Not just for me but for my team mates and my coach.”

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