UCMMA 44 Event Report and Pictures

UCMMA 44 Event Report and Pictures

Jimmy Page was on the scene at The Troxy to give us the rundown of all the happenings at UCMMA 44.


Kostadin Enev vs Alfie Davies 

Alfie Davies showcased his rare talent once again as he scored a jaw-dropping knock out of genuine contender, Kostadin Enev. However, it was not all plain sailing for the Titan representative who was forced to fight off his back in the first round and saw an array of kick attempts fall short. Enev covered up well, ignoring damage to step in with punches.

The Titan man landed his knee to perfection

Early in the second round, Enev looked to take an early gamble as he dropped low and committed to a full power takedown. Davies saw him coming and immediately unleashed a knee which landed with full force. Leaving nothing to chance, Davies followed his foe to the floor and bombed him with a left and right hand to claim the vacant UCMMA lightweight title.

Davis seals the deal with a final right hand

Niko Gjoka vs Amir Albazi

Early in the bantamweight title fight, Niko Gjoka flung a fast high kick at Amir Albazi and came very close to catching him. Gjoka offered a high five, but Albazi left him hanging and proceeded to shoot in for a takedown at every given opportunity.

Albazi lifts and slams his foe with ease

Gjoka absorbed the first pair of slams as if they were nothing and gave the London Shootfighter headaches as he craftily worked his way back to his feet.

He must be a wrestling champ of some description

However, each slam was more devastating than the last and Gjoka was soon feeling it; one final bone-rattling slam mid-way through the second round left the AVT fighter unable to continue and the referee stepped in to end the contest.

The fateful finishing slam

Andy Young vs Spencer Hewitt

Spencer Hewitt burned a tonne of energy in the first round of his Flyweight title fight with Andy Young as he shot in for a takedown over and over again. Young was able to defend or return to his feet and later turned the tables on the Terror Squad fighter, propelling him through the air with shocking ease.

Hewitt lands with a heavy right hand

Young hit the accelerator in the second and third rounds, forcing Hewitt to cover a lot of distance as he continuously walked his opponent down, attacking with punches and kicks. Hewitt fought valiantly, landing with some hard punches of his own, including a series of right hands to the body; however, Young had done enough to convince the judges and took home the Flyweight title alongside a unanimous decision win.

Young bangs in a damaging knee

Richard Griffin vs Khalid Ismael

UCMMA mainstay, Richard Griffin put in a gutsy display as he went up against massive betting favourite, Khalid Ismael. In a back and forth first round, both tasted success in the clinch and on the floor with Ismael coming closest to real success with a tight armbar from his back.

Griffin is forced to roll as Ismail locks in an armour

Griffin was able to escape the hold and returned to standing where he pressurised Khalid in the clinch. However, after the first round, Khalid indicated that he had suffered an injury to his shoulder and could not continue, handing victory to an elated Richard Griffin in a significant upset.

Ismail lands a hard knee in the clinch

Makunga Bunduku vs Michael Shipman

In a cracking middleweight matchup, Michael Shipman looked to keeping his winning streak of finishes going as he faced perennial contender, Makunga Bunduku. The bout began with an intense flurry as the fighters settled in classic dirty boxing position and teed off with nasty uppercuts.

Shipman clasps his hands into the anaconda position

However, it was not long before Shipman wrestled the fight to the floor. Bunduku refused to rest on his back and immediately rolled in an attempt to regain his feet. As Shipman sprawled on top of him, he quickly applied the anaconda grip and twisted violently to the floor. Caught in the trap, Bunduku was forced to tap at 2.11 of the first round.

The London Shootfighter tightens the choke for the finish

Nelson Lima vs Modestas Bukauskas

Modestas Bukauskas towered above his opponent Nelson Lima and almost took his head off with a left high kick in the opening seconds.

This kick was the first strike thrown and missed by a hair’s breadth

Nelson has some success in the grappling, but Bukauskas stayed out of serious danger, threatening with an armbar before blasting his way to victory with punches on the floor midway through the first round.

Bukauskas was merciless with punches on the floor

Matt Holland vs Denzil Duncan

In one of the longest and strangest fights seen in a while, Matt Holland landed no less than five low blows on his distraught opponent, Denzil ‘Two Guns’ Duncan. Four of them stemmed from the inside low kick, one from a knee in the clinch. While all low blows are horrific, none landed with enough force to warrant disqualification, but each called for 5 minutes of recuperation and a point was taken off.

When not recovering from his latest shot to the groin, Duncan consistently threw a vicious left high kick and came close to eating a left hook counter more than once. Holland retaliated with right low kicks and pot-shotted as Duncan closed the distance.

A stiff jab finds the mark

Duncan was eager for revenge and took the fight to the floor in the third round to unleash a savage onslaught of punches. Holland covered up as best he could, and his corner complained bitterly of punches to the back of the head, but it was all in vain as the referee stepped in to stop the fight two minutes into the final round.

Michael MacFoy vs Paul Dash

Late-bloomer, Paul Dash blasted Michael MacFoy away in only 108 seconds in their UK-1 catchweight bout. ‘Silver Dollar’ used great distance and timing to force openings for his power shots.

Dash lands with a hard liver kick

MacFoy swung punches with bad intentions, but it was not long before Dash blasted him to the ground with both a right low kick and right punch, both within a minute.

Dash threatened with more hard body kicks before landing the perfect right hand to the temple. The independent fighter dropped to the ground and out of the contest.

Note Macfoy’s feet are literally off the ground after the final punch

Robert Scott vs Ollie Mathis

Ollie Mathis employed some crisp striking and a very effective whizzer to stay ahead of the game in his match with Robert Scott.

Mathis lands with a fast jab

Scott was determined to take the fight to the floor, but Mathis appeared very well prepared for just such an attack and literally dropped Scott face-first with a whizzer on a number of occasions in his bid to stay upright.

One of many first class whizzers

Mathis took control in the striking game, at one point backing Scott up to the cage where he unleashed a barrage of punches; however, Mathis hardly moved his head in the entire exchange and ate hard left and right hooks for his trouble as Scott swung in desperation.

Mathis pushes his opponent to the fence and unloads

Immediately after the fight, one of Mathis’ corner men laughed as he handed back a broken tooth to the damaged victor, who was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Lukas Bienias vs Emrah Sonmez

Emrah Sonmez consistently risked it all in his battle with Lukas Bienias as he shot from the back of the building in an attempt to take the fight to the floor. The gamble paid off as he drove all the way through his opponent to ground the contest.

Sonmez clips his foe with the tail end of a spinning hook kick

Looking more dangerous than ever on the ground, Sonmez battered his foe and pounced for the rear naked choke late in the second round.

The LDG fighter batters his foe on the floor

Barry Ryan vs Ollie Sines

Barry Ryan promised to deliver a wrestling-heavy attack against ‘Super-striker’ Ollie Sines and he delivered. The Ryan Robinson-trained fighter took a few punches, but was able to catch several kicks and plant his foe on the mat. Ryan chipped away with short punches and stifled Sines on the floor to score a split decision win.

Barry Ryan in control

Darrel Field vs Alex Lahore

Alex Lahore had no trouble with late replacement, Darrel Field. The New Wave representative opened up with a punch-kick combination, before slamming his opponent into the floor. Field suffered a shoulder injury and was forced to tap 11 seconds into the contest.

Lahore sends Field’s shoulder on a collision course with the ground

Shafi Khaliqiar vs Iskren Ivanov

In the opening bout of the night, Shafi Khaliqiar threw heavy leather, but ultimately failed to capitalise on an early knockdown of opponent, Iskren Ivanov.

Khaliqiar looked the more technical combatant in the stand up, but rounds two and three belonged to the Spartacus fighter, who took the fight to the ground and controlled the action.

Ivanov lands heavy with the spinning backlist


Weird picture, this one!