UCMMA 47 Event Report and Pictures

UCMMA 47 Event Report and Pictures

Full event report and image gallery from UCMMA 47, where Jimmy Page was on the scene for YourMMA.co.uk.


Pavel Doroftei vs Modestas Bukauskas

The main event of UCMMA 47 involved two of the country’s most talented prospects; Modestas Bukauskas, a brutal striker with an array of spinning kicks, and Pavel Doroftei, a sambo fighter with hard punches and vicious submissions

Doroftei immediately seized control of the fight by winging in a sweet left hook which backed Bukauskas up against the cage, allowing the London Shootfighter to storm straight into the clinch.

A crafty trip takedown

From there, Doroftei went to his go-to tactics, tripping his foe to the mat and clamping hold of his foot. In one fluent motion, he rotated his body, turning over the heel as he twisted it in a painfully unnatural direction.

The submission expert finishes with a tendon-stretching standing heelhook

With serious injury fast becoming a real possibility, Bukauskas tapped after only 18 seconds, handing victory and the middleweight title to Doroftei – who will surely now be signed to a big-money fight on the world stage.

Miroslav Petrov vs Denniston Sutherland

The elder statesman of UKMMA, Denniston Sutherland fought a patient, celebral fight to dominate and overwhelm the physically superior Miroslav Petrov.

Sutherland’s shot selection was borderline perfect

Sutherland took his time as he worked to find openings in his younger opponent’s defence; wasting no energy, he began to chip away at Petrov, slowly draining his confidence with right hands and knees.

A brutal knee to the face changes the contest

Midway through the first round, Sutherland took control in the clinch and landed a knee square in the middle of Petrov’s face, drawing blood and sending him into panic mode.

Sutherland lands a hard right hand

Petrov began to turn his back and desperately held onto the fence as Sutherland picked him off with a stream of well-timed punches, chasing him down for the stoppage win at 3.20 of the first round.

With his opponent in trouble Sutherland follows up to finish the job

Ben Earlsvs John Demmel

Monstrous heavyweight champion, John Demmel entered the cage with an air of terrifying intensity. It was not long before the terror was visited upon ill-fated challenger, Ben Earls.

Demmel tore across the cage and landed a hard right low kick, before effortlessly powering his opponent to the ground. In his absolute element, ‘Demolition’ ripped into Earls with full power shots which landed flush, blasting him unconscious in only 10 seconds.

Demmel batters his opponent

Demmel looked on with genuine concern until it was clear Earls was not badly injured, before celebrating another incredibly violent finish. Heavyweights with title ambitions, be careful what you wish for.

One last punch and Earls was out cold on the mat

Alex Lahore vs Tom Wincott

Alex Lahore faced a stern test in the shape of Tom Wincott, a tough and determined fighter who constantly walked forward, winging in punches.

Foot to the face: the ultimate insult in Thai culture

The New Wave representative took the fight to the floor in the first round, but Wincott’s defence was excellent, prompting a re-think in the second round. From there on, Lahore employed a heavy kicking game and rocked Wincott to his boots with a hard jab.

Lahore rocks his opponent with a perfectly timed jab

In the third, Wincott landed a decent slam, but Lahore sprang back to his feet to continued blasting with flashy kicks. After three tough rounds, the judges handed a unanimous decision to the high-flying Frenchman.

Lahore’s kicking game

Colin Wilby vs Marian Rusu

It is hard to believe that just a few short years ago, Colin Wilby was competing in the welterweight division. But since that time, the teak tough brawler has added 20kg of muscle to his 5’9 frame and returned to UCMMA to take on veteran hardman, Marian Rusu.

Rusu forces Wilby back to the cage

Wilby landed a fast right low kick at the start of the match, but it would be his only success. Rusu used his weight advantage to bully him back to the cage where he unloaded a series of lefts and rights, ending with a hard knee up the middle.

Rusu finishes with the arm triangle

Sensing his opponent was in trouble, Rusu took the fight to the floor and quickly transitioned to a head and arm choke to claim the win 58 seconds into the contest.

Kris King vs Anthony Kannike

Kris King fought bravely in his K-1 match with Anthony Kannike, but unfortunately bravery can only take you so far. Kannike stalked his opponent around the cage, choosing his spots to unleash a barrage of kicks and knees to the head and body.

A hard knee lands for Kannike

King continued through a pair of hard knock-downs in the first round, but could not recover from two more in the second, as Kannike used evil knees to blast his way to a straightforward win.

Daryl Setterfield vs Tony Giles

Former bare-knuckle fighter, Tony Giles was a picture of malevolence as he entered the cage to face off with overmatched journeyman, Daryl Setterfield. It wasn’t long before Giles took control of the stand up as he clipped his opponent with a sharp left high kick.

Giles whips in a fast left high kick

With his opponent rattled, Giles unloaded a savage combination of punches, capped off with a sickening left hook to the body, which dropped Setterfield into a world of hurt and he crumbled to the floor at the 37-second mark.

The liver shot goes in

Ben Schneider vs Ben Main

The rematch between Ben Schneider and Ben Main was never going to be graceful affair. Main thought the fight was stopped too early last time and was out for revenge; Schneider wanted to confirm he was the better man – so they collided head-first in a flurry of wild punching exchanges.

Ben Main throws a bomb from top position

The fight quickly hit the mat; Main landed on top and loaded up on some hard shots, but was unable to capitalise on the position. Schneider worked his way back to his feet and the brawl resumed.

Schneider batters his way to victory

At the mid-point of the first round, Schneider scored a sneaky takedown and mirrored the finish in their first encounter by punching away with shot after shot. After three minutes the ref had seen enough and stopped the contest.

Jimmy Miller vs Tommy Gun

Returning after a hideous nose-beak in his previous match-up, Jimmy Miller fearlessly attacked the aptly-named, Tommy Gun.

 Miller lands a sudden right cross

As soon as the opportunity presented itself, ‘Justice’ Miller seized hold of an all-power, arm-in guillotine and cranked on it enthusiastically. Gun sat down to defend, but Miller adjusted, forcing the tap at the two minute mark.

Miller locks his hands together and gives it everything

Michael Sidwell vs Dom Clark

Dom Clark suffered a hellacious unintended low blow in the opening seconds of his match with Michael Sidwell. Somehow, potentially by summoning the Power of Grayskull through his He-Man tattoos, Clark was able to continue – an extraordinarily brave display.

Enraged but in control, Dom Clark goes after his grounded opponent

Sidwell had been complaining to his corner about the vision in his right eye as Clark recovered – and he didn’t appear to see the takedown coming, as ‘The Dominator’ trapped him on the floor. Clark quickly punched his way to back-mount and finished with a rear naked choke.

Clark applies the choke, Sidwell taps and the ref swoops

Jack Lamb vs Nikolai Nikolov

In a super-close wrestling vs jiu-jitsu tussle, Nikolai Nikolov just did enough to take home the win against Jack Lamb; but in all honesty, it could have gone either way.

Lamb: ‘I’ma chill here, come at me bro.’

Nikolov: ‘It would be my pleasure’

Having driven all the way from Bulgaria for the fight, Nikolov was determined to take control and beat up his opponent on the floor. However, Jack Lamb is a slippery customer and came close with a prolonged triangle choke attempt in the first round; Nikolov was just powerful enough to keep his trapped arm on the correct side and out of danger.

Nikolov stacks his way through a tight triangle attempt

The second round was a different story as Nikolov landed a brutal left hook, dropping Lamb to the deck and causing a worrying cut above his right eye. The Bulgarian went for the kill, but Lamb put his 10th Planet training to good use, regaining his guard and holding off the attack.

Nikolov blasts on the floor

The third round was a close one, with Nikolov bundling his opponent tot the ground and fending off a series of inverted triangle and straight armbar attempts. When all of was said and done, the fight was awarded to Nikolov by a razor-thin split decision.

Micky Miller vs Emrah Sonmez

Emrah Sonmez is one of those fighters who shows significant improvements every time he competes. This time was no different. He soon planted Micky Miller on the ground and pressurised with punches as he looked to pass.

Sonmez looks from openings

Before long, the Lion’s Den representative scythed through his opponent’s guard and followed up with increasingly solid shots from sidemount. Miller started to show signs of significant distress and the referee stepped in to save him from further punishment at 4.24 of the first round.

After achieving side control, the writing was on the wall for Miller

Liem Mostoski vs Paul Dash

After a humbling set-back in his last match against Micky Miller, Paul Dash returned with redemption in mind. His opponent, Liem Mostoski soon made a critical error as he ducked down as ‘Silver Dollar’ threw a low kick, catching a knee to the temple.

Paul Dash clips his foe before sending him out of the game

Dash pounced on his disorientated opponent and sealed the deal with a right uppercut and left hook; Mostoski didn’t know what was happening and threw a wild retaliatory punch long after the referee had waved the fight off.

Matt Flower vs Lukas Bienias

Solid polish warrior, Lukas Bienias make short work of the inexperienced newcomer, Matt Flower. Bienias propelled his opponent to the ground with back suplex and proceeded to beat the stuffing out of Flower from hip-ride.

Bienias lands a spiteful hammerfist

Flower took some heavy shots and was dazed; Bienias mercilessly continued his punching assault until the referee stepped in at 2.45 of the first round.

Matt Flower eats a beating on the floor

Harry Bentley vs Rico Biggs

Rico Biggs put on a determined display to earn victory in an excellent match up against Harry Bentley. Both fighters showed genuine heart and skill as they battled for top position on the floor. Bentley chased after the takedown from the word go and came close with a rear naked choke in the first round.

Bentley starts brightly with a snap takedown

However, as the battle wore on, Biggs was increasingly able to sweep off his back and defend the takedown. From top position, he chipped away with punches, racking up the points to claim the unanimous decision in a solid undercard scrap.

Biggs turns the tables in the wrestling contest

Lee Spiteri vs Adam Amarasinghe 

In the first fight of the night, Adam Amarasinghe quickly dispatched Lee Spiteri. The young prospect slammed his foe to the mat, advanced to rear mount and clamped on twisting rear naked choke and cranked it to force the submission.

Amarasinghe sends his opponent to the mat

As much a crank as a choke, Spiteri has nowhere to go.