UK And Irish MMA Awards 2014 – Voting

UK And Irish MMA Awards 2014 – Voting

Vote for the best of UK and Irish MMA in 2014 with the awards brought to you by Fightstorepro and JY Nutrition.


Your MMA have been running monthly awards to crown the best action in UK and Irish MMA all throughout 2014. Every month we have seen thousands of you voting on categories such as Fighter of the Month and Knockout of the Month. 

Along with our sponsors and, we are bringing each of the monthly winners and a selection of the highest scoring ‘wild cards’ (most votes in second place) to the polls so you can decide who gets the nod in the 2014 UK And Irish MMA Awards.

Each winner will get a £100 bundle from Fightstore Pro and the same again from JY Nutrition. 

Fightstore Pro will be offering quality MMA apparel, and they are known for their partnerships with elite brands around the world. For first-rate knowledge from fighters to fighters, you can check them out by clicking the banner below. 

JY Nutrition will be giving the fighters Gold Premium whey isolate and their choice of Bad Boy’s rapid loss or testo boost. Any Your MMA readers can contact Jeff on 07854651510 or 01633556602 for advice on diet, health and mixed martial arts. Alternatively click the banner below to see what they stock.

Without further ado, check out the polls below and vote for what you believe are the most deserving winners to take the title of Best of UK and Irish MMA in 2014. 

Polls will be open seven days until 5pm January 30th, and the winners will be announced on January 31st. 

Click the link to open the pop-up in the same window or use the inline poll to cast your votes.

UK And Irish MMA Awards 2014 – Voting

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