UK And Irish MMA Awards: October 2014 – Voting

UK And Irish MMA Awards: October 2014 – Voting

Vote for the best of UK and Irish MMA in October, with top fights, finishes and events.


There were UK and Irish fighters in action at the highest levels of UFC and Bellator, as well as the likes of FCC, Say Uncle and more producing solid regional events in October. There were memorable fights and finishes throughout the month, as well as fighters that really stood out.

Vote for your favourite fighters, events and finishes in the poll below. Voting will close on Thursday 13th October at 5pm, with winners announced Friday morning.

[Note: Voting is for October events only – November events that have already taken place will have their own poll]

The whole of 2014 will see monthly winners voted for by the fans, and all of the winners will go into a year end vote to decide what was the best of 2014. Winners will receive prizes from Caged Steel, and other sponsors that come on board to support the awards.

Any ‘other’ categories that get enough suggestions will be added to the voting. You can also share suggestions via and @YourMMA on Twitter

Take the quiz below, or click the link below for the full-size pop-up window (opens in same window):

UK And Irish MMA Awards October 2014

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