UK And Irish MMA Rankings: October 2014

UK And Irish MMA Rankings: October 2014

Here is October's UK and Irish MMA Rankings update, with UFC and Bellator events influencing the top.

UK And Irish MMA Rankings
UK And Irish MMA Rankings

The Your MMA team produce the longest standing and most trusted UK and Irish MMA rankings, with representatives from around the UK and Ireland contributing to the output each month. Whilst all rankings remain somewhat subjective, the Your MMA panel aren’t tied to any organisation or fighter and are key figures in the UK MMA scene, having been around the sport for many years.


  • Any fighter that hasn’t been active in the last 365 days will be ineligible for consideration (with the caveat being a fight booked around the time they become ‘inactive’).
  • Fighters eligible need to be either UK/Irish nationals or located here full time. Ireland is included as part of our database as a close partner to UK MMA, with many Irish fighters competing in the UK and most divisions there remaining too small to necessitate a specific set of their own.
  • Fighters moving around in weightclasses will be ranked in the lowest weightclass they have competed in within the last three fights, unless a permanent move is specified.
  • Fighters competing in catchweight bouts or fighters moving down in weightclasses cannot be ranked at the lower weightclass until they have made the limit and fought there – e.g. a fighter taking on a fight at 73kg after competing at 77kg will not be ranked at lightweight until he has reached the proper weight category. You cannot be ranked in a division you haven’t fought in.
  • Rankings are based on quality of performance and level of opposition, as well as wins and finishes, with domestic promotional titles not figuring in how highly a fighter is ranked. It is more than a numbers game.

You can find the UK and Irish MMA Rankings from flyweight to heavyweight in the Fighters Section (just click on the UK tab). Check back regularly to see how big events shape the top tens.

October’s main players in the top tens were UFC and Bellator events, as well as some regional events helping to shape the update elsewhere.

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UK and Irish MMA Flyweight Top 20 Rankings:

1. Brad Pickett
2. Neil Seery
3. Paddy Holohan
4. Pietro Menga
5. Phil Harris
6. Shaj Haque
7. Mark Connor
8. Steve McCombe
9. Andy Young
10. Martin McDonough
11. Scott Pooley
12. Brett Caswell
13. Chris Miah
14. Spencer Hewitt
15. Shamsul Haque
16. Jody Collins
17. Mike Berry
18. Danny Missin
19. Josh Foster
20. Mick Gerrard

UK and Irish MMA Bantamweight Top 30 Rankings:

1. Vaughan Lee

2. Brett Johns
3. Ronnie Mann
4. James Brum
5. Mike Wootten
6. Davey Grant
7. Cory Tait
8. James Pennington
9. Dean Garnett
10. Damien Rooney
11. James Doolan
12. Alan Philpott
13. Niko Gjoka
14. O Okunnu
15. John Cullen
16. Bryan Creighton
17. Jordan Desborough
18. Aaron Blackwell
19. Gaz Pilot
20. Kris Edwards
21. Carl Fawcett
22. Paddy Pimblett
23. Conrad Hayes
24. Brian Moore
25. Mark Platts
26. Ed Arthur
27. Martin Sheridan
28. Declan Williams
29. Jamie Pritchard
30. Phil Raeburn

UK and Irish MMA Featherweight Top 30 Rankings:

1. Conor McGregor
2. Mike Wilkinson
3. Rob Whiteford
4. Graham Turner
5. Andy Ogle
6. Ashleigh Grimshaw
7. Alex Enlund
8. Shay Walsh
9. Chris Fishgold
10. Artem Lobov
11. Jay Furness
12. Andrew Fisher
13. Dave Hill
14. Dave Lee
15. Nad Narimani
16. Paul Reed
17. Robbie Olivier
18. Ian Entwistle
19. James Saville
20. Callum Jones
21. Martin Wrzosek
22. Arnold Allen
23. Sam Gilbert
24. Liam James
25. Phil Else
26. Doni Miller
27. Tommy McCafferty
28. Marley Swindells
29. Andy Craven
30. Dean Reilly

UK and Irish MMA Lightweight Top 30 Rankings:

1. Ross Pearson
2. Norman Parke
3. Paul Sass
4. Andre Winner
5. Steven Ray
6. Curt Warburton
7. Terry Etim
8. Colin Fletcher
9. Martin Stapleton
10. Tim Newman
11. Paul Redmond
12. Saul Rogers
13. Brendan Loughnane
14. John Maguire
15. Tommy Maguire
16. Joe Duffy
17. Tim Radcliffe
18. Mick Sinclair
19. Martin Delaney
20. Ali Maclean
21. Sean Carter
22. Tim Wilde
23. Christian Holley
24. Terry Montgomery
25. Antanas Jazbutis
26. Alexei Roberts
27. Jack Grant
28. Jason Ball
29. Brad Wheeler
30. Ryan Roddy

UK and Irish MMA Welterweight Top 30 Rankings:

1. Paul Daley
2. Cathal Pendred
3. John Hathaway
4. Danny Roberts
5. Jimmy Wallhead
6. Ryan Scope
7. Jack Mason
8. Ali Arish
9. Jake Bostwick
10. Leon Edwards
11. Danny Mitchell
12. Matt Inman
13. Michael Page
14. Wayne Murrie
15. Gavin Sterritt
16. Walter Gahadza
17. Alan Johnston
18. Aaron Wilkinson
19. Tommy Quinn
20. Phillip Mulpeter
21. Lewis Long
22. Lee Caers
23. Craig Turner
24. Dan Hope
25. Shaun Taylor
26. Sam Boult
27. Henry Fadipe
28. Alex Montagnani
29. Steve Dinsdale
30. Michael Johnson

UK and Irish MMA Middleweight Top 30 Rankings:

1. Michael Bisping
2. Tom Watson
3. Luke Barnatt
4. Claudio Henrique da Silva
5. Karlos Vemola
6. Scott Askham
7. Bradley Scott
8. Chris Fields 
9. Max Nunes
10. Ion Pascu
11. Jack Marshman
12. Che Mills
13. Eugene Fadiora
14. Lee Chadwick
15. Harry McLeman
16. Allan Love
17. Andrew De-Vent
18. Denniston Sutherland
19. Chris Scott
20. Ronan McKay
21. Bola Omoyele
22. Matt Hallam
23. Fabio Ferrari
24. Pavel Doroftei
25. Craig White
26. Alex Minogue
27. Avi Jack
28. Leeroy Barnes
29. Conor Cooke
30. Brett Bassett

UK and Irish MMA Light-Heavyweight Top 20 Rankings:

1. Jimi Manuwa
2. Linton Vassell
3. Liam McGeary
4. James McSweeney
5. Marcin Lazarz
6. Fraser Opie
7. Zelg Galesic
8. Iain Martell
9. Carl Kinslow
10. Karl Moore
11. Przemyslaw Mysiala
12. Richie Knox
13. James Hurrell
14. Lukasz Klinger
15. Mike Neun
16. Lloyd Clarkson
17. Lewis Barrow
18. Kevin Thompson
19. Tony Moran
20. James Parker

UK and Irish MMA Heavyweight Top 20 Rankings:

1. Phil Defries
2. James Mulheron
3. James Thompson
4. Neil Wain
5. Oli Thompson
6. Stav Economou
7. Martin Thompson
8. Colin Robinson
9. Darren Towler
10. Dayman Lake
11. Mark Godbeer
12. Paul Taylor
13. Stu Austin
14. Rab Truesdale
15. Andy Spiers
16. Chi Lewis Parry
17. Lucasz Parobiec
18. Karl Etherington
19. Tomasz Czerwinski
20. Adam Parkes

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The team that helped comprise the UK MMA rankings this month includes:

Jay Furness (England – North): editor, former online editor for MMA Unltd and FIGHT! Magazine and professional fighter (exempt from 145lbs rankings)
David Bateman (Scotland): Editor of SFB Mag and radio show, commentator and writer.
George McCann (London): Owner of site and online magazine.
Harry Williams (England – North West): Long-time contributor to BritMMA and Your MMA.
Alan Murphy (Ireland): WHOA TV journalist covering mixed martial arts in Ireland, former editor at
Ben Farrelly (England – South Coast): Southern MMA specialist and owner/founder at

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