Write for Your MMA

Write for Your MMA

Are you an existing MMA writer looking for a new or additional platform, or a newcomer to the MMA media that has something of note to say? Your MMA could provide you will an excellent avenue to publish your work.

Your MMA has been one of the leading UK MMA outlets for many years, with a reputation for being reliable, down the line and high quality. Current and former contributors have also published in print magazines, newspapers, and the likes of BT Sport, The Mirror, Sherdog and much more.

If you’re interested in getting on board with a team that already has a good foothold and respect in the industry then we are always on the lookout for new creative, reliable contributors. We already have a large fanbase that continues to grow and if you have something to say then why not say it to them. Not only will you be able to gain experience, but we’ll also help you build your profile via our own social media channels and give honest, constructive advice if and when it is needed.

In a sport that is largely covered by a small number of enthusiasts, all we ask for is passion, a spark and an idea. Copy can be edited and typos rectified, but your unique view cannot be replicated and that’s what we want more of.

Some details

-Contribution to Your MMA is voluntary, paid openings are not available as much as we’d love to reward everybody with cold, hard cash for their work. Unfortunately that isn’t feasible for us right now so if you’re not comfortable with that then we understand and hopefully you can still enjoy the content here. Your reward is (hopefully) the experience and exposure of being an active part in the MMA community.
-We’ll always keep the copy true to your original intentions, with editing for the basics, not to change the tone. If we accept you as part of the team then it’s because we like what you bring, why would we change that?
-All we ask for is reliability and honestly. That’s not to say some aptitude isn’t needed, but attitude is more important as the former can be refined. An article a month is our minimum requirement but if you want to head to events every weekend and churn out reports then we’d love you to. Life gets in the way and this should be fun, not taxing, so we don’t want to ask you to commit to anything more than what you’re enjoying, and that’ll mean we get better content.

What we’re looking for

-Op-eds: Your take on the current happenings, a unique perspective, not just dubious click bait or regurgitated news.
-Event reports: Get on the scene live at shows or give us your thoughts from your stream at home. Report back.
-Interviews: Who’s interesting that you’d love to talk to? Fill your column inches with that and help the sport by giving media coverage to up-and-comers as well as established names. Want to be on camera? Head to a show and speak to the fighters.
-Previews and predictions: RICKSON BY ARMBAR
-New features: Got a new idea for a regular feature? Let’s hear it! Our popular ‘Where Are They Now?’ articles for example are consistently a huge hit.
-Different mediums: Podcasting, photography, video interviewing, live chats, whatever you fancy – bring your skillset to the fore and be a part of a wider team that can help to utilise it.

What we can offer in return

-Experience and exposure, which is vital in today’s industry. Social media support from our popular channels to help grow your personal value, whilst also growing your portfolio.
-A helping hand should you need it, advice should you want it, and the discerning eye of people with many years in the biz.
-Press credentials for events from local amateur shows all the way up to the UFC.

If you’ve got this far and you’re still interested then contact us for more details on how to get involved. If you can string a sentence together and show you have the ability to generate interesting articles then we’ll get on just fine. As long as you’re not a dick. We don’t want any of those.